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Sunday, 16 August 2009

i'm in love

vw combi van, bug "o" rama, summit subang usj, photo by alison, canon 350d

i love flower power, i love peace, i love vw combi van

with this hippie combi van.
the flower power! the peace logo! the vibrant colours! the freedom to express on a van! i'm so high in love with this cute van! one of the things i secretly wanna own, which is in my dream list is a vw combi van. i don't know, there's something about vw combi van that can make me so happy, crazy happy i tell ya, whenever i see one on the road, my heart skips a beat and my tummy become all squirmy and i'd squeal with delight! and i don't even need pot to get me high! hah! they are just too darn cute! (my perspective)

today i got to see soooooooo many of them! arghhh!!! love love love!! my heart just burst with flowery love! i was in vw heaven!

dreamy sighh...........

more photos soon!


  1. gallicanter: thanks. and welcome to me humble blog

  2. Hi Alison..
    new to your blog. But totally in love with your vw photos.
    I have the same feeling for vespas!
    also a fellow beader thats why stumbled upon ur blog through whimsicalnquirky.
    Nice to meet u


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