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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

inspired to share

banting house, photo by alison, canon 350d

i am a nobody

if you've seen the video of the post below, you've heard that yasmin said "you've got to empty yourself and all knowledge comes from god." i know this to be true as i experience it too, and i know that some of you have at some point in your life, experience that divinity.

my healings are like that, it is science yet it is also divine. i have to admit i do not have all the answers to what goes on in me or through me when i do my readings and healings, but the fact that something transformational happens during and after the sessions to the people that i come in contact with. and also to me.

when i do my healings, i am just an observer, i am a nobody, i feel empty inside. blank. the readings, i don't know where the information come from they just come. the healings are not done by me, the motions of my hands are not me, it is guided, i just let go and let the energy lead me to where it needs to be. it moves much like an auto-pilot and knows when to stop.

you know, god has a real sense of humor, for a part of my life, i did not believe that god exist. typical god, appearing where it is least expected to be accepted. (ya, just like in the movies.) then this ability came, i was connected to this source and my whole life's experience changed. and the understanding of god which i had before changed too, it is not what i had imagined it to be. god is not a being sitting up on the clouds looking down on earth, it is not easy to explain, it doesn't contain in words, the closest that we get is it is energy. an intelligent consciousness, life energy that is all around us, that comes by many names, and it is not separate from us as we are energy too. we are part of this great intelligent energy called god, universe, great spirit, source, life force, yahweh, allah, dhamma, brahman, love, light, ect ect.

the god that people grew to know are just concepts, mind made. so is above explanation. to know god is not to think, it is to feel. and the way to feel is to let go of ego, to let go of thoughts. to go back to the pure state of consciousness that is ........ no words can describe because it is beyond words, it transcends words, it transcends everything.

so when people ask me how does the healing works, i give them the science view because people love reasons and logic. that's what you see on my website... words. transformations energetically sometimes can't be define by words.

the truth is, what i share with people during healings, what i can share with people are only my presence and sincerity, the rest is god's grace.

it is love.


  1. i feel that sincerity in you..a lot i didn't understand about your healing and that made me somehow skeptical; but the sincerity made me at ease.

  2. Well done, Alison...a great explanation on a very difficult subject. Thank you for being you!

  3. hliza: i was a skeptic too once upon a time ago. :) but once i understand the science behind it, that melts away the skepticism. there a lot good books explaining about energy healing in science term. totally make sense.

    marion: it isn't easy to explain, there are others who can explain it more eloquently. i am just sharing from my perspective and experience.


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