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Friday, 28 August 2009

park magic 4

here come the boys, canon 350d
i love to play

this is the last of the park magic series. my visit to the park ended when a group of boys came to play football.

i learned something new from flighty, there's a society called cloud appreciation society, wow! it's a very interesting site! there are some pretty unique (strange) cloud formation out there! now there's a new hobby, i'm looking and pointing my camera skyward.

weekend! yay! we're visiting apaci (grandmother) in banting. gene's grandmother is celebrating her birthday. families, kids, food, cakes, fun.

happy weekend!


  1. We haven't even been to the park for so long..

  2. hliza: well, this merdeka is a good time to visit one, exercise that leg and eye a little? :)


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