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Sunday, 20 September 2009


ming with her new canon 500d, canon 350d

had a fun day with ming today. she bought a new canon 500d and we've been waitting to go snappy happy around town for a while now. today's location was brickfields. i love her new camera, it's so light compared to my 350d, and it has a 3 inch lcd screen for photo preview, nice! the above photo was shot in the restaurant, annalakshmi, using ming's 50mm lens, i had to use higher iso as it was rather dimly lit, hence the noise.

the temple of fine arts, canon 350d

we met here, the temple of fine arts, first time i set foot since they moved to this new building. apart from having classes of all sorts including classical indian dance, musical instruments and the occasional performances by the students, they also have their very own run by volunteers and pay by donations restaurant, annalakshmi, where they serve delicious vegetarian food which i love. if you know me, you'll know how i love indian food!

yumm.... canon 350d

temple's magnificent door, canon 350d

after lunch we walked around brickfields, snapped some photos and ooops! rained. trapped standing in front of a hindu temple door (photo above), and let me tell you that door is amazing, crafted with gods and goddesses and with cowbells (photos soon). we waited for the rain to stop, it didn't, so we had to walk in the rain and stopped over in another restaurant for drinks. even though we didnt take many photos we had a really nice chat over hot drinks while waitting for the rain to stop, which it didn't and finally we managed to ask a kind stranger to drive us to our cars. how amazing that what we chatted over drinks about that generally humans are really very nice and the very nature of human beings is to help people, we need only ask. and it happened right after. all we did was ask. :)

a wet and wonderful day.


  1. what a fun day! a camera buddy. I need a camera buddy. especially one that likes taking pics of food.

  2. I must say, this is a fascinating door. I love it. Gold and Brown is a great color combination.

  3. dmom: ya, it's fun to have a camera buddy to go shooting with.

    nabeel: i'll post the close up soon.


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