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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

dancing with the big "u"

around the neighbourhood, canon 350d

when you're feeling like the universe is against you
and you get to that point of "i've had enough, i give up!"
actually, what you're really saying is "there's been a change of plans, time for something new."
or change your perception on the very thing that you are doing.

the universe (big "u") has its rhythm, it knows exactly what it is doing, even though at times it may seems absurd, painful, doubtful and scary, it is somehow telling us there's a grander plan taking place. it'll guide you to your passion and your joy if you are open to it's abundant flow of goodness through the experiences (pleasant and unpleasant) it brings. our job is not to resist, but to embrace it with open arms and heart, dance with it and enjoy every beat, every step and every sway with presence. every experience that you encounter is an opportunity to shift your thoughts and consciousness, bringing a new wave of alertness and awareness to your being. the choices you make will bring you to where you need to be, to learn, un-learn and re-learn. that's spiritual evolution.

i have been doing energy readings in the pass, and i had been wanting to start a more structured online readings and healings, then things changed, they always do. after spending weeks and days and hours of planning, suddenly with one big whoosh! it's all gone, i don't feel like doing it anymore, and i let it go. that's why it has been very quiet on the topic. it's time to move on.

i've been focusing inwards, following the flow, i've been de-cluttering, online and offline, making everything much more simpler. living in the present as much as the awareness allow me. i'm not quite sure whether i'll continue with the energy reading or maybe start something new. right now, there's really no fixed agenda or plan, i'm living quite simply by the moment, doing things i like to do, trying and experiencing different things. basking in the nowness.

i am blessed and i am deeply thankful for the love and support that gene is showering me with. the ups and downs are still there, but just knowing that "all this shall come to pass" and having faith and trust that all is well helps keep me centered, because truly, deep down in the core of this being there is this unshaken faith that all is really ok.


  1. great words of wisdom! As you know, I'm decluttering too. Slowly. Yep, we must have faith and trust. And " this too shall pass" is one of my most favorite sayings.

    Now, that blue sky is delectable!!

  2. What a nice, heartfelt post!
    I live far more simply than I did and I'm certainly much more contented, if not always happy, for doing so. xx


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