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Saturday, 12 September 2009

i'm back

kids slide in park, canon 350d

i take responsibility now

my blog break...
it has been good, it has been challenging, it has been tiring. it has been fulfilling.
thank you all for visiting my little blog space while i was away.
not quite sure where to begin writing, so here's a nice little video titled did you know? a video on the progression of information technology, researched by Karl Fisch, Scott McLeod, and Jeff Brenman, remixed. not sure how true it is but just for some infotainment fun.

and did you know that i met gene online more than 10 years ago? ;)


  1. Online - ten years ago? That's a long time in terms of the Internet...

  2. The video was amazing; haven't we moved quickly and it seems technology will go even faster as time goes on.

    I met Graham online 9 years ago! I'm really happy about that!

  3. Hi Alison...haha...this brings back lots of memories... when we were hosuemates...when I met my hubby online in 1999 :)


  4. Ten years ago, I'm still blur about the existence of the!

  5. ladyfi: ya... much longer than dog years i suppose?

    marion: yes, unbelievable.

    kylie: it seems contagious among our housemates, another one of our housemate got hitched through meeting online too. hehe! i bet you know who.

    hliza: the world is so much closer through internet, but nothing beats real face to face chat though + real teh tarik (vs virtual ones) :)

  6. Fantastic video, Ali! I just had to post it on FB! Ohhh' how I wish the internet was already in existence during the 80's. Would've been fun!


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