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Sunday, 27 September 2009

kuantan... part 1

gene's parents were teachers in kuantan and they lived there for 30 years, they have not visited kuantan since moving to KL. they were chatting of some old stories over dinner monday night and talked about making a trip there, it was a last minute decision, and since everyone was free, we hoped into the family avanza and off we went for a little road trip the next morning. the family (gene's parents, sister, niece + gene & i) reached kuatan late tuesday afternoon, did some visiting of some old friends of the parents and checked into hotel.

evening view from hotel room, canon 350d

morning at sungai lembing the cowboy town, canon 350d
next morning a friend of the parents brought us to a quaint little village, sungai lembing, 40 minutes drive from kuantan town. it is famous for its tin mining and has the deepest underground tunnel in the world, now closed. a nearby hill called bukit panorama, is a popular place to watch the sunrise.

shops, sungai lembing, canon 350d
the main street, the only street in sungai lembing which is divided by a big old tree in the middle.

sungai lembing village tree, the landmark, canon 350d

hanging bridge, canon 350d
view of the surrounding area near the village.

view from hanging bridge, canon 350d
the place is just so refreshing and lovely. more photos in part 2.


  1. thanks for sharing - I love seeing other parts of the country if even through your blog.

  2. love the last pic! brilliant! :)

    oh girl...need to bug you one of these days over some current dilemma..heheh, ya, im hopeless ;p

  3. Wow, wow, wow! I love all these pics Ali..had always wanted to do street photography..especially at unfamiliar kampungs or small villages..heard about Sg lembing before but never seen such photos like this. If any of you are part time reporters, you can sell the pics and stories to newspapers and they'll love it!

  4. Such great pictures! Love the village with the tree and brightly-coloured posts and shop fronts!

  5. dmoms: there's so many beautiful places in the world i wish to visit, and i am thankful i live in a beautiful country too.

    bee: bug? haha! yes, you're a bee, tea time? :)

    hliza: i love the villages and kampungs too, feels like home. well, newspaper or not, i'm quite happy to be able to share here in my little blog, i know there're not many readers here,but it makes me happy just sharing anyways.

    ladyfi: thanks, it's really a quaint little village.

  6. Love your pics! Love it!



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