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Friday, 30 October 2009


i got distracted from playing with the beads to another project, this is it. gene found these under a tree where people here usually discard unwanted stuff, i guess someone in the neighbourhood was moving out and didn't want to carry with them "old" stuff. call me a trash collector if you want, but guys, these are in perfect solid stable condition! just need some loving and cleaning. we took them home and i went straight to work, giving them a good clean wash and scrub. they were dirty and greasy before, this picture was taken after the wash as i left them to dry.

then giving them a new coat of paint, to cover some burnt marks, ink and pen scribbles on the surface of the table.

the chair got a new do too.

next, some make up on the chair, did fun stenciling of a red tulip

tadahh!! well, it's not all that perfect if you look up close, but hey, it's art!

and they sit next to my desk, my "new" artstation for my beading and other art work, separate from my desk. an artstation that will be messy and it's ok to be messy table. isn't that wonderful? i get a free (well, i spent rm18 on paint) table and chair to play and create.

that's our studio, it's nothing close to any artists' studio like this or this, but i am happy with our little nook. imagining and visualising that i could create more fun to and in it everyday.

umm... ya... that' gene watching movie in the background ;)

today's affirmation:
i am deeply fulfilled by all that i do


  1. Oh I wish I found them too! They are so nice and can anybody just abandon them like that? You did a very good job there Ali! No what else you can do..looks like you never stop amazing me!

  2. Yeah, white is the perfect colour! With flower on the chair, you are very creative! ^^

  3. Well done! Yes, agree with HLiza, you are truly amazing!


  4. Well done! Yes, agree with HLiza, you are truly amazing!


  5. Same here, I wish I have found them too, or atleast wish I had the artistic touch you have. You did wonders with it, wow, well done it looks great!

  6. I wish I could find things like this. The table and chair have great lines, very attractive, and your tulip is perfect for the seat!

    Your studio looks amazing...very comfy and cosy!

  7. What a terrific find, and now that you've renovated them they look really good! xx

  8. waaah...cantik-nye. i like. some peeps juz dun hv de creative vision like u do. their lost.

  9. hliza: well, at least they are kind enough to leave the preloved furniture and let others help themselves so these items can have another home.

    janet: i love white! :) thanks.

    kylie: thanks. you have your talents too. cooking! yum!

    dmoms: thanks.

    flea: guess i am lucky that day.

    marion: thanks. i love our studio too.

    flighty: thanks flighty.

    zanas: terima kasih.

  10. I love found furniture, especially wooden chairs. Now if I could just get around to painting them...

    Your re-make looks great!


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