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Tuesday, 20 October 2009

creative juice

magic earrings, canon 350d

all children are artists. the problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.
~pablo picasso~

ok, so i am no pablo picasso, but i have always loved art and craft since i was young, yeah, the same old story, along the way, i lost it too, to what adult called 'life'. well i am re-claiming my 'life' back, my childhood, my passion, my life in the art world, in our little studio! yes, that's what i have been busy with lately. making jewelry, earrings for a start. it's fun, it's therapeutic and it's meditative. i love. and maybe i could make a sale or two? who knows.

my life in the working world as a freelance agent has not been a smooth one, and yes, bills need to be paid. maybe this will earn me some income? i don't know. one must try to find out, yes? in the mean time, christmas presents are hand made jewelry by me this year, with a sprinkle of love and a zap on the jewelry to add that extra energy of magic! just what one needs in this changing times.


  1. nice. they are lovely. Your gift recipients will love them too

  2. You are indeed very talented, in many ways. Your jewelry is beautiful, I'm sure that people will appreciate your pieces.

  3. If you're this talented, you should do it more..I've never remembered myself as being creative and crafty..the only things close to that is I like to write nonsense and croak tunes..These earrings are so lovely!

  4. dmoms: thank you.

    cameron: i am just learning, doing some simple ones at the moment. i can only give with love, however the receipient value is beyond me :)

    hliza: thanks. i am enjoying myself. i guess if it makes us feel good, just do it, even if it means writing nonsence of croaking... life is meant to be fun, yes?

  5. Alison: Now I know why we click. We both share the same kind of loves! I intend to have a lovely art 'studio/desk' when I move to the new place. Also a yoga room so I can go in, shut the door and just inhale. Sometimes the world gets too overwhelming for the Piscean in me. I love it that you are following your heart and really injecting yourself in all you do. Keep the spirit up girl. Try selling your creations on etsy. You never know!


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