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Tuesday, 3 November 2009

hello november

our neighbourhood, canon 350d

today's affirmation
i love life and i have a great one!!!

saw this status note in facebook one of my friends posted and i love it, just have to post it here, yes, including the exclamation mark :)

it has been lightning, thunder, rain, lightning, thunder and rain all week.
year end monsoon season. good time to hibernate and do art work?

in the process of making more jewellery, researching etsy (should i shouldn't i?) and learning the "how to" of this and that. does anyone know how to start an internet business or know a good place to learn the a-z? i'd appreciate the help.

this is going to be a just for fun project. keep reminding myself, it's all play, no expectation. i am still learning different jewellery making techniques, they all look so fun. but i still like simple jewellery pieces, i guess they kind of reflect who i am. i will post some new necklaces up for sale soon.

thank you all so much for your kind comments in this blog, it really means a lot to me that you take the time to drop by. a motivation for me to carry on, even though i have no idea where this is taking me. thank you for your kindness and friendship.


  1. I am quite interested in some of the jewellery but scared if the price is unaffordable for me right now..will wait and see your space for more.I don't know much about internet business but that's a good idea.good luck girl!

  2. I like the affirmation too! :))



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