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Friday, 27 November 2009

love thursday meets gratitude friday

ming and i at wat chetawan, petaling jaya, canon 350d

i love and grateful for life

last sunday, ming and i went hiking in gasing hill, had breakfast at a crowded and well known mamak restaurant nearby, yes, the thosai and roti canai were yummy (we ordered second serving!) and later drove to wat chetawan, a thai temple short distance away. had happy snappy time and just hung around and chat at the temple compound. it was a pleasant and happy day.

currently i am living in gratefulness every single day. and since the west is having thanksgiving celebration, and the muslims the aidiladha celebration, i am also feeling the joyful and thankful feelings and just would like to share with you all. so... this will be a love thursday and grateful friday 2 in 1 post.

i love and grateful for my loving family
i love and grateful for a happy and loving relationship with gene
i love and grateful for our adorable, cute, silly and funny pets
i love and grateful for where i am at right now in life, including the pleasant and unpleasantness
i love and grateful for kind and wonderful friends in my life, including you reading this :)
i love and grateful for the love and support that the universe is showering me with
i love and grateful for all that is

thank you thank you thank you!

the list can go on and on... so the last is a shortcut! :P

i hope you have a wonderful celebration both thanksgiving and aidiladha! may you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.


  1. here is some love and gratitude right back.

  2. I am grateful to be alive & have a friend like you. :)

  3. i'm grateful that my destiny has allowed me to meet you :p


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