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Tuesday, 10 November 2009


papaya leaf canon 350

today's affirmation:
all shall come to pass

i think we are going through another huge energy wave. pouring and hitting hard to our core, and uprooting what needs to be dealt with right now.

for me i am feeling totally weak, jelly weak, i usually do when huge energy wave comes through me. i can do nothing but rest, sleep through it and let it pass. it is just another big download.

whatever issues that you may have it is going to come up and you have to deal with it. and remember you have a choice - to respond it with fear or with love, your call.

the heart centre or heart chakra is active, so is the neck and throat area. and anywhere along the spine, back area. they may feel some kind of pressure, pain or achey. just rest and know that you are ok.

anger, sadness, doubt and many other emotions is surfacing. remember, they are not who you are, they are just emotions passing through, clearing and cleansing your being. be still. be aware. and know that you will get through this. all shall come to pass.

and oh! my all time favourite, drink lots of water! lots! it is cleansing and healing. new information is coming in through water. why am i saying this? well, during this time is also when i get extra thirsty, and i need to drink lots ;)

and if you are not feeling anything at all. that's totally fine. just another day.


  1. interesting, I was achy all weekend beginning on Friday. I laid low as much as possible and recovered so quickly.

    the doubt - yes. I have been doubting that I can't do my business but yet I wake this morning thinking YES - yes I can do this.

  2. I've felt past issues arise quite frequently the past week. I've learned to honour them and then, as you say, let them pass through.

    I find the doubt about things HUGE this time around.

  3. Hello Alison,
    This is such a great affirmation.
    We often times get so caught up in the negative situations around us that it effects our lives in a negative way if we respond if we allow it to get the best of us.
    I am still learning how to look at unwelcome experiences in a different light.
    Wishing you a nice evening and hopefully things will be back to a more peaceful pace for you soon, Lydia

  4. ah, so this is what this is haha! Geez, the past days my throat and chest and my baaack was just soooo not themselves hahaha! The past couple of days I thought I was literally turning into a block of wood.

    Not only that but I've been having fearful thoughts ( of course having watched Paranormal Activity was one of the culprits, gawd, I hate psyco films!)and doubts and fears about the future. The year is ending you see, and business contracts need to be renewed ( if they will be) and new clients need to be generated and everything just seems so unsure.

    Thanks for the enlightenment. Water..water..I need water. :D

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  6. dmoms: the dust is settling now. yes! yes to yes! :)

    marion: yah, it was huge this time around. :)

    gypsy butterfly: we're all progressing in our own pace. oh, i am much better now. thank you. you have a great day too!

    lady prism: lucky you're still you and not a block of wood! and the water part! haha! funny!


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