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Friday, 1 January 2010

hello 2010

majestic mount kinabalu, canon 350d

happy new year!!!

i welcome you with open arms, just as mount kinabalu had welcome us.
i know you are going to be a super amazing year, full of goodness and love and surprises and fun and love and grand and oh did i mention love?
i like the numbers... looks cute on you. especially the 0...0 in between 2 and 1. like eyes watching, like spectacles, making you look kinda smart, and know exactly what you are doing and what you are planning up ahead.
i am sure there'll be more learning and creating and enjoying and sharing and loving up ahead, i'll walk with you one step at a time, always reminding myself to live in the now.
i'm happy you're here 2010.


  1. Happy new year Ali! Possibly meeting you again this year? I hope so!

  2. happy new year dearie...fabulous months, weeks and days to come! :)

    we're meeting soon, yes? :)

  3. Happy New Year from a sunny but very cold London! Flighty xx

  4. I think 2010 sounds wonderful as well, Alison...and the mountain took my breath away when I first saw it here.

    I want to practice staying in the now as well. Thanks for the reminder! Happy New Year to you and yours!

  5. hliza: ohh.. i hope so too :)

    bee: yes! yes! fabulous times. and yes, we are meeting soon! very soon.

    flighty: happy new year to you, hope you're enjoying the weather in london. :)

    lee: you too! inner peace is best yes?

    marion: happy new year marion, practising the now in 2010 is the way to enjoy peace amidst the big changes that is taking place.


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