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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

my one little word 2010: abundance

photo by alison, canon 350d

photo by gene, canon 40d
gene & i with our signature goofy shots. kk, sabah, dec 09

2010 is a year of abundance

ali edward started this tradition, as did christine kane, both are inspiring women that i have been following. i look forward every new year to pick my word, after all, new year is about starting fresh. just thinking and choosing a word is fun, exciting, inspiring, motivating.

my pass years "one little word"
2007: fun
2008: surrender
2009: create

2010 i choose abundance

i am ready to welcome abundance and prosperity into my life. abundance in all areas:

i welcome abundance of love into my life, towards myself, in my relationship with gene, my family, friends, pets, our home and environment. i have started doing metta meditation again and it has helped me tremendously in keeping the love present.

abundance of good health in body, mind and spirit so that i can explore and enjoy more in this world. i nurture my body, it has helped me get this far, it is time to give thanks and give love. i love me and i wish to have abundance of good health.

joy, happiness & peace
i am so grateful for all the joy, happiness and peace in my life, in our lives and yes, abundance of these in 2010 will surely be appreciated.

i definitely welcome financial abundance this year. i've retreated from the corporate world. that said, we had to make adjustment to better suit our new lifestyle, meaning letting go of many things. i am thankful for the love and support that gene has given me and we have been blessed with much more in other areas of our lives. this year, i am looking in ways that i can contribute to our bank balance by working from home, thus my venture into handmade items. i want to explore and create further, try new things, reinvent old ones and may my new ventures bring more income to support our lives and our dreams.

abundance of creativity in my life, creativity to make my life more meaningful, more joyful and purposeful. also abundance of creativity in designing handmade items for mettaville creation, in art and business.

abundance of support for me to carry on my work, be it making handmade items or other ventures that i may be doing. i thank all my friends and family that has helped me along the way.

i invite abundance of inspiration in my creative work and also in the divine. i still do my energy work and i know there is more that i have yet to explore, so this year i welcome new insights and inspirations that will take me to new levels in my spiritual growth.

after lining up all these which i wish to invite into my life this year, next i created a print out of an A4 size paper of my word - abundance, with a cute cartoon on it which i will paste in front of my desk to remind me of the theme this year. i have also created a list of the things i wish to be, to experience and to have in 2010 which i called my 2010 list. some are big wishes, like climbing mount kinabalu and some are simple like baking veggie pie and some of them are carry forward from last year's list.

i've had many crossed items from my pass lists and i love making new ones each year. written lists and wishes are powerful as we are the creators of our own world along with source/universe/god. the secret in this project is to be able to make a list that is fun and that you're passionate about, with no presure and once done, just let go, not expecting anything. the exercise is to bring out the happy feelings of imagining and visualising of the things you'd like to experience, without thinking of the how? beginning of 2009, i wrote on my list no. 6. holiday to asean countries with gene and our family (vietnam, indonesia -bali, laos, borneo = mount kinabalu). i love going holiday with gene, we are happiest when out there with adventures and cameras. i never knew how to fund our holidays, just the thought of it makes me happy. it wasn't until 2 months before christmas that gene's sister suggested a family vacation to cameron highland for christmas, but couldn't get hotel bookings as it was full, and we ended up vacationing in borneo, kota kinabalu (without me mentioning or suggesting anything), and yes, we got very close to mount kinabalu! magic!

if you have not done this kind of creative work before, give it a try. make a list of the things you'd like to experience this year. it's still early and the best time to start. get christine kane's free download "word of the year discovery tool."

what is your one little word for 2010?

"what you can do, or dream you can do, begin it! boldness has genius, power and magic in it." ~goethe~


  1. My little word for 2010 is "faith". :)

  2. Good luck. Lots of it.

    My word? Understanding.

  3. Thank you Alison, it's very inspiring indeed!

    My word for 2010: Discovery

    To open my eyes and discover that there are many things to be thankful and happy about here in this foreign land. Learn to disover the good side of thing and be HAPPY....


  4. I'm happy with the word abundance as in growing lots of flowers, fruit and vegetables on my plot! Flighty xx

  5. jemima: *cue george michale song* :D

    anna: *cue george michale song* :DD

    lee: thank you. may you find the answers to what you wish to understand.

    kylie: right on kylie. there's a whole new country and also self discory this year yes?

    flighty: OoOooo... may you have lotsa blooming flowers and veggies in your loving plot.

  6. I had a difficult time deciding on just one word. But I believe I will use the word 'simplify'!

    Super photos of you and Gene!

  7. marion: hehe! super word! i love that word too.


  8. So cute of you and Gene up there..looks like very kepoh couple..he he what's my one word for this year..still thinking..

  9. hliza: it's always "kepoh posing moment", like...2 seconds, then back to normal. hahahaha! even funnier that way.

  10. i dunno y i hv dis fear in me whispering that big obstacles n pain will keep me company for the whole of 2010. i know it's insane to entertain such thoughts. but i can't get rid of it. those words are just there burried in me. so, i guess i need another word to lift me..."strength". it's nothing posh about the word. but this simple word means everything to me, coz i seriously need it.

    anw, dis is de 1st time i see such casual pic of u n gene. carefree like a couple of teenagers :D

  11. I choose "healing". That's the word I will to keep reminding myself, I will heal towards a better tomorrow.

  12. Hi Alison, I loved your photos very much, especially the rafflesia giant flower.
    What I loved most were the tiny, delicate leaves on the right side of the flower, their green made me think of what the world would turn into without colors to enjoy, build contrasts with, decorate rooms, set background for our photos, build toys, match clothes, fill in Excel charts...:)
    A colorless world would be a disconnection with the abundance that nature still love of sunsets and rainbows, autumn leaves and sunrise skies, I felt that the word "colorful" chose me.
    May we all have a colorful 2010!!!

  13. finally, me stumble on someone who has 40d .. (me tot me alone in this world .. lol)

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