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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

tuesday - rain

in studio, canon 350d

looking out, canon 350d

it has been intense shifting of energy these few days. generally crappy, moody and exhaustion plus that ever present body aches. lots of venting out of old energy, releasing what is no longer a match. i have had some weird and vivid dreams too and is still making me uncomfortable thinking about it. so much to let go.

still not out of the woods yet as things and energy is still shifting. the earth is shifting, more releasing to be done. more changes is taking place. i have never ever felt so connected to earth this much before. we always hear people say, we are one with the earth... oh... yes, i feel her ever so strongly, ever so present in me.

it's raining here. bringing down the temperature a bit. if it stops by evening, i'll go for a walk. always feels good to be out there with nature. :)

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