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Friday, 22 January 2010

where angels gather

angel mobile phone straps (without straps here), canon 350d

this photo reminds me of the movie city of angels, the scene where the angels gather at the beach to listen to the music of the dawn. and for some reason, i picture of oh so many angels gathering everywhere in haiti.

i received these gifts from zai the other day. sweet.

above is a soap, smells soooo yummy! feel like biting and chewing it.

then, there's this little gadget that pretty much amazes and amuses me.

voila! :)
loved it! no more having bags on laps or squashed at the back of chairs.


  1. * Hi there Ali! I'm crossing over from FB, haha!

    * I've met the gorgeous Zai already. And now she's met you!

    * Wonder when you and I will finally meet? :D

    * Oh, and your angels look like real...angels! So sparkly and serene and all pretty!

  2. Hello Alison,
    WOW! I must say your very creative and your stuff is so pretty!
    Keep up the beautiful work!
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad u like it Ali :)

    maybe we shud kidnap our lovely lady prism for a week and burn the house down...heheheh!

  4. I love, love, love your angels! And your thought regarding the angels and Haiti.

    And that bag hanger is perfect! When purses are placed on the floor, I've heard they pick up a million bad germs...this pretty little gadget will help with that!

    Great stuff! xo

  5. That first photo is just gorgeous - so uplifting.

  6. lady prism: come on over, we're waitting for you :)

    gypsy butterfly: thank you. you have a great week too

    hliza: yup, they are lovely. the baf hanger! i like that.... bag hanger :)

    bee: bag hanger is cool!

    marion: you got a word for it, bag hanger and i love it! bag hanger, why didnt i think of that?

    lady fi: yes? oh... thank you :)

  7. Those angels are beautiful! And I've heard great things about purse hooks...they'd be perfect for public restrooms, which don't always have one...BLEH!


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