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Wednesday, 27 January 2010


bird of paradise, canon 350d

i sometimes forget that not everyone can feel what i feel, not everyone really feel the energy bumps, surges and shifts so strongly as i sometimes do.

that's what being a sensitive is like, sometimes i forget, and think that everyone can feel it too.

what is it like being a sensitive? to energy, to people's energy, to the surrounding's energy? what is it that i feel? here's a peep into the window of my world, which is evolving all the time.

i can feel when energy shifts on this earth, i have been through many many energy bumps to know one by now. usually when shifts happens, there is a release and change taking place. that's the bigger scale. on smaller scale, i can read people's energy. some pleasant, some not. when some are unpleasant, like when one person is vibrating low in area of hatred, insincerity, i get irritated and yuckie. and when one is kind and friendly and loving, it fills me with joy and love too. some people get spooked when i am able to read their energy, nothing to be spooked about, it's really what you project out with your own vibrational being that i am able to pick up. and thank goodness that science is now explaining all about energies and more people are aware of it. it is out in the open now.

same goes with the environment that i am in. i cannot be in crowded places for too long, like the mall. but put me in the woods, the sea, the mountains, i am most happiest!

i used to be able to communicate with non physical beings, angels, devas, higher vibrating beings. not any more now as i understand that they are part of me.

i am able to read past lives (those who believe in past lives), but these cannot be verified and i usually don't go there either.

now i understand the dhamapada stories that i read earlier in life. it intrigued me how people back then (thousands of years ago) are able to do such things, like talking to angels and devas? seriously? hah! until i encountered them myself, past lives? wha? and what it means that you have a "knowing". that information is out there all around us all the time and all we need to do is tune in to the right frequency to get them.

so, what do i do with this ability? *shrug*
it really doesnt matter, i am learning to live in the now, being present and doing the best i can in this very moment. other extras that i have are just... extras.

people still come to me to learn about themselves, why they are not able to move forward, usually there are blockages in emotional energy, for example anger, sadness, doubt, worry ect. and most of the time in order to move forward is for one to learn to let go, let go and let go. as i have learned through the years of my own healing and transformation.

and yes, i am feeling so much better now, the sun is up, the sky is blue, birds chirping. and oh... time for spring cleaning!

good times :D


  1. Unfortunately, I no longer have the Eckhart Tolle book to quote directly from, but he discusses the fact that everyone eminates an engery field of sorts and that people who take the time to observe can usually interpret it clearly.

    He used an example of a heated discussion in an office and how a person coming in after the fact can usually sense the anger/frustration/etc. so strongly that it would make you want to open the window and air it out.

    Sorry for the looong comment, it's just that after reading your post the memory of this book came back to me very strongly!!

  2. I thought everyone could sense, see, hear or feel what I did until I was about 18. And then I suddenly discovered, through a peculiar set of circumstances, that not everyone could "read" the energies as I did.

    And then I went thru a period where I tried to deny them, which backfired. I'm happy where I am today, just accepting and open.

    I'm so grateful for my abilities, wherever they may lead. Thanks for a thoughtful post...and I'm so glad you feel better!

  3. bekkah: i love eckhart's books. we are like a walking radio, sending and receiving energy/vibrations all around us. it's interesting how we can encode/decode those vibrations. and that what we send out actually changes the world forever!

    marion: wonderful to know we have much in common *big smile* yes, learning, accepting and open.

  4. Alison, THANK YOU again for providing such an inspirational space here in your blog!

    I always feel better after reading your posts, I receive the good energy that you send in your writing. It is a beautiful gift which I truly appreciate.


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