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Monday, 1 February 2010

hello february

morning sun, canon 40d

we must become in our life the very thing we choose to experience in our world
~author unknown~

i choose love
i choose happiness
i choose simplicity
i choose laughter
i choose clarity
i choose passion
i choose compassion
i choose peace
i choose health
i choose beauty
i choose fun
i choose being authentic
i choose blessings
i choose kindness
i choose magic
i choose new
i choose posibilities
i choose blossom
i choose abundance


  1. Alison,

    I choose joy!! I wanted to thank you again for the generous giveaway and the beautiful Borneo pearl necklace. It is so pretty and you are so talented. I wish you much success with your Etsy shop and in all your endeavors. Thanks again!!


  2. Wonderful picture!
    I choose true friendship. Flighty xx

  3. You've made beautiful choices and an incredible image :)

  4. Fabulous photo - hinting of new dreams about to be realized!

  5. buzzd: i am so happy that you've received them, and glad that you like them as well, may it bring lotsa love and joy!

    hliza: yay! i'm with you!

    flighty: yes! yes! and yes! and thank you for your friendship flighty! xx

    bekkah: thanks bekkah, you have some incredible photos as well.

    lady fi: oo... never thought it that way but yes, like something new is birthing. mmm... i wonderf what?


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