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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

home + fish

sabah, december 09, canon 350d

spring cleaning is finally done. but there's still more to do. me and my "happy home project", i am planning to beautify our little nest this year which includes a little painting, a little fixing here and there and some decorations. this house is after all about 20 years old. time to put some tlc to homey. it'll be mostly d.i.y. i'm so hooked to this site (introduced by mayakirana) where this young couple d.i.y their lovely home that had me itching to do something to ours. lets see what magic i can do.

in studio, yes, it has been quiet lately, but good news, i've got some sales from my etsy shop! yay! and i have also added some new items. do check them out. this is the latest cutie. i have only 2, one in pink and the other in copper colour, i have one for myself which is a sweet blue cute fishy! i am after all a pisces. that dreamy water sign.

sparklling fish necklace


  1. I like the flower photo, which looks like Cosmos 'Purity' which I'll be growing on the plot this year! Flighty xx

  2. Loves the flower photo and The website is so inspiring!


  3. Lovely cheery flower shot! And such an adorable necklace too.

  4. Hello Alison,
    Hello Alison,
    How pretty your fish necklace is! I love it in pink. The blue must be pretty too.
    I have cabin fever now!!!!!
    We have a while yet before the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.
    Your lucky you got to start your spring cleaning already!
    Have a wonderful evening!

  5. flighty: yup, it's the cosmos. it looks so nice when you have a field of these flowers. hope you'll have some photos of your cosmos in your blog :) xx

    kylie: you mean etsy? thanks. i'm still looking in ways to improve it.

    ladyfi: thanks lady fi :)

    lydia: cabin fever? is it still snowing? yup, spring cleaning is done, i am so glad. there're still more to do. but i'm in no hurry. just do what i can with the time given.

  6. ooo my favourite fishy necklace. i have the orange one, and I absolutely adore it. Thanks!


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