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Saturday, 27 February 2010

it rained!

garden, canon 350d

yes! it rained today in the late evening. very heavily indeed. the blinding light and the crackling sound of lightning, followed by explosions of thunder, oh my, we have not had that kind of intense rainfall for a while. our electricity in the house tripped, twice, so did my heart! felt like a five year old, scared to even go near the door or window. i caught this photo as quickly as i can and ran back into the house. the lightning just seem so near! i saw one hit right outside the kitchen. my heart thumped hard, i frozed. we lit up candles, and looked out at the pouring rain pounding hard onto the ground.

it was beautiful. scary. but beautiful.

i finally created a facebook page for mettaville creations, at the sidebar on the right. what was i thinking? i don't have many items in my etsy shop, i am somewhat lacking in the marketing side, and i don't even wish to start on my creativity side, which, after looking at other artist and crafters, i feel like a lilliput. so i don't know, and honestly i really don't know where this little business venture is taking me either.

every time when i catch myself going the other downward direction, i try to see things in a different perspective, i try to shift my thoughts a little. i tell myself, "you know what? it's really ok where i am right now, i may not be good, but i am ok, i can be better with time, it's a learning process. in fact, you know what? where i am... it's good. i get to do what i like doing, at my own pace, my own time. i get to play with colours, making things with my hands and i feel happy. and right now what i am doing is fun, and it's meditative. and i like that. and the marketing and all, i can learn, i can get help, i have some kind friends helping me out already, so it's really all good. i am good."

i get to a feel good place. shift.

and so, i just do what i can with every given moment, and not to think the other side too much. just do, just have fun.

come join me in mettaville creations on facebook and share your thoughts there too, i'd love to hear from you.


  1. You're so wise, Alison, to just live in the moment and have fun with your creations. You'll get more accustomed to marketing, etc. as you go along. In the meantime, enjoy the muse and really create what speaks to YOU!

  2. marion: thanks for the encouragement marion.

  3. Hello Alison,
    I absolutely love the photo above!
    I hope all is going well with you and your very pretty jewelry!
    Have a great Sunday,

  4. We all learn, and we learn ALL the time. :) It's great that you started your Facebook group - now I'm even more encouraged to do the same for Kinder Soaps! Thanks for the nudge in that direction. Keep creating!

  5. * Rain! We haven't had rain for so long! But the evenings are cool and quite breezy, star lit and very lovely.

    * Your creations are beautifully precious! Very dainty and special! There's a kind of lightness to you would feel sort of extra "charmed" every time you'd have it on.


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