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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

it's hot

kiki, canon 350d

the weather is turning hot and humid here, with very faint or no breeze at all. there were rumblings of thunder last night but no rain. hope it will soon, to bring the heat and dust down.

the notebook's hard disk kapished, it's in icu, gene is trying to save it for me. currently using gene's pc while he's at work. flooding his pc now with my stuff.

custom made this for zanas's daughter. a necklace made of wire craft, lapis lazuri chips, shell and cute bird findings, with faux suede string. looks kinda hippie to me. hope she likes it. i made a similar one for zanas earlier, she blog about it here.

efi's pride, canon 350d

added some new goodies in my etsy shop, angel mobile phone charms! with colourful wings! love 'em! so sweet and so cute.


  1. Lovely photo of Kiki!
    It's still cold and wet here in London, and it's been the coldest winter for 30 years! Flighty xx

  2. It sounds as if you still have no wind. The weather here is so odd, with the warmer days and Snow.

    I love the photo! You are simply amazing with your camera.

  3. flighty: kiki is so used to the camera now that at times she'll purposely ignore and turn away from the lens :D
    the weather is sure topsy turvy, makes one wonder, what's next? i hope you are staying warm :) xx

    marion: we had some yesterday evening while it blew the rain clouds away... generally it's still hot. and thanks for your kind words.


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