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Sunday, 21 February 2010

kuala lipis... 3

shops closed.
colourful shutter doors.
i use skype (other than google) to keep in touch with friends overseas. skype recently launched this creative idea, call any one of their messangers, which consist of artist in 5 different locations in the world and send a message to your loved ones. they'll do fun creative ways to get your message across. here's kelli in australia.


  1. Isn't this the most amazing thing! I received my notice from Skype this morning about this. I love it!

  2. Nice shio your colour combination! I am new to this Skype thing..I'll try to check what it's all about later in Google..but the video looks cool.

  3. marion: yes, love skype and google chat with video calls, well i guess the best part of loving them because it's free! lol!

    hliza: it's all promotional gimick, but it's creative! love it. :D

  4. it's beautiful ali, love it too!


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