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Sunday, 28 February 2010

labor pains + evergreen necklace

just as haiti's news began to subside, chile rocks the the media. another energy bump and burst. if you've been following my previous posts, i talked about how i was feeling the shifts and shakes of the earth, yes, i am still feeling them, these shifts that are occurring is making me feeling so lost sometimes, one minute i'll be high and energised and i'll drop flat on the ground (bed) the next. at times i will be totally blank as if my whole identity just slipped out of my body. i don't know who i am under this skin anymore.

is this hard? i don't even know how to answer that. it is strange. it is crazy. it is tiring. it is interesting.

what is going on here? i read somewhere (sorry forgot to save the link) saying that, according to the mayan calander, the earth is in her 8th month of pregnancy (which will last till november 2011), waiting to give birth to a new earth, a new energy field, a new consciousness, which is yes, you guessed it, 2012. now i don't know much about 2012 and i don't know if it's true that mama earth is pregnant, but the expanding and contracting of energies (that shows up as earth's weather anomalies, earth quakes, etc. etc.) that i have been feelings is said to be the labour pains of mama earth. i do not even want to imagine what the 9th month and when it's time for her to give birth. human birth i've seen (well, at least on tv), earth?


it's crazy. call me crazy. we are in a crazy time, and even more crazier times are coming and to be experience by humans and earth. and wow! what an interesting time to be witnessing this amazing process.

garden flower, canon 350d

anyway, back to more mundane news. i manage to do a few necklaces when i still have the energy to do so. here's the latest collection, evergreen necklace. made from fresh water pearls and czech fire polished beads.

evergreen necklace, canon 350d

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  1. I believe that's the best analogy I've heard about Earth's pregnancy. I can't imagine what the ninth month will be like, extremely uncomfortable, I'll bet. And birth? Wow.

    I'm sorry you are feeling so uncomfortable as the various shifts go by. You are so very attuned. And you're not crazy! And I agree with you as to how interesting it is to be witnessing this process of Earth finding her balance. Hang in there, Alison!


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