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Thursday, 25 February 2010

still hot

nope. still no rain. dark clouds passed by, rumblings were heard, but no rain.

good news is, i got a new hard disk, gene helped me fix the computer and it's running just fine and dandy. i am so thankful.

photos of today's evening play time.

setting sun around neighborhood, canon 350d

watered the garden and found many caterpillars around my plants. happily wriggling and munching away the leaves. tiny furry fellas. cute. some are even seen crawling on one of the pillars on the porch. so many of them. how beautiful it would be when they all turn into butterflies. i wonder if i'll be able to witness that. i'm not too sure but i think this is the first time i've seen so many at one time.

caterpillar, canon 350d

another one, canon 350d

and another one.... :D, canon 350d

plumbago, canon 350d
on this plant, plumbago, the real colour is much darker than this though.

another friend stopped by for a rest, canon 350d


  1. Hello Alison,
    These are some pretty pictures. I love them!
    Your so lucky it's warm where you are!
    We are getting a winter storm with a lot of blowing snow, high winds and snow at the end of the week.
    Who knows we may even get a snow day here on Friday if the weather men are right!
    Have a great day!

  2. Awesome pictures! ~Kylie~

  3. Ali, what does caterpillar represent spiritually? My colleague says that her home was also invaded by caterpillars around the same time! Coincindence or not?

  4. lydia: oh... snow storm? it must be very very cold there. i do hope you and your family are keeping warm and cozy indoors. may the weather be kind to all. have a great day!

    kylie: thanks.

    ming: ermm... i don't know, i'm sure there is significance to them if we look it up. but then again, it could be just the season of caterpillars! haha! i remember when i was very young (8..9?), it happened at our house too, caterpillars everywhere, seasonal, small ones like these, and also big fat green ones which later turned into big black and white moth. i burned them! the caterpillars, at that time didn't know about karma lah! :D now i know better... take photos much better :)


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