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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

mondo beyondo

blooming, canon 350d

i am into my fourth week of mondo beyondo class. created by andrea and jen, two bloggers i have been following for many years and are inspirations to me, their writings, insights and photos. read how it began here.

it was my mondo beyondo to take the mondo beyondo class, gene gifted me the march intake which started on my birthday. i have to say i am enjoying the class. i felt quite left out and lagging in my lessons in the beginning, but i am catching up and doing better now. the community is such a friendly and supportive group, it's great to know there are dreamers like me out there and to be able to connect really lift my spirit up. even reading the discussions energize and give me much hope.

last week we shared our mondo beyondo list, a list of our most outrageous and outlandish dreams, and it feels so good to list and share them. i have been doing this for many years now, always keeping it to myself, but something magical when sharing with other dreamers, i feel that when i let it fly and be free out in the open, gives it more energy and power to manifest these dreams. already some are having their mondo beyondo dreams come true and it's pretty wild and exciting! i have had some magical manifestation and experiences myself, small, but visible and i am so very grateful.

i know the list will evolve over time as it has over the years. but for now, i'm happy what shows up in my list.


  1. Hi Alison
    I love your blog. I was actually looking at it yesterday or the day before, and I loved it. You are inspiring and truthful. And you take amazing photos.
    I'm a pisces, too! We're kindred spirits, and now pen pals :)
    Look forward to reading more of your blog and reading your mondo list.
    Keep dreaming!

  2. Alison, I wondered why you hadn't written for awhile, and discovered you had...only I missed it. So sorry!

    This class sounds wonderful and just the right thing for you. I've actually never heard of it and am waiting eagerly to hear all about it.

    I'm glad you're no longer keeping your 'outrageous and outlandish' dreams to yourself...I imagine they are very creative, just as your photos are. You go, girl!

  3. How exciting! I looked into mondo beyondo a while back, but having never taken an e-course before I thought I'd start a bit smaller and work my way up :) I registered for Picture Spring (with Tracey Clark) instead, which starts this week.

    Good luck and ENJOY!

  4. Hello Alison,
    First of all happy belated birthday!
    I am glad you are participating in something you are enjoying!
    Wishing you a great day!

  5. amy: pieces? dreamer? woohoo! i'm so happy to be your pen pal, writing the old fashion way is fun!

    marion: i have not been writing for a while, was busy catching up with the class, i am doing better now, so here i am. i am still learning to be more open and have more courage to share here. this process has made me realise a lot of things about myself.

    bekkah: i looked up picture spring too, i too was giddy to join, but since it clashes with mondo beyond, i say no this time. hopefully i'll be able to join next time. i am looking forward to see your beautiful photos :)

    lydia: hey, thanks for the wish, hehe! makes me happy. i am enjoying the class. may you have a wonderful day too lydia! :)


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