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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

opening up to you

it's 4:00am and i'm still wide awake! it's the tea i had at lunch.

latest energy progression that i am feeling and sensing at the moment is that the energy is pushing everything out, anything unpleasant and anything that is no longer functional that has been swept under the carpet. time to deal with them, one by one.

relationship is taking center stage, relationship with spouses, co-workers, family members, friends and even relationship with self.

trying to hold things together with super glue of untruth, denial and avoidance will not work anymore, it will just fall apart, and sometimes falling apart is just what its needed, to release the old that no longer works in this new energy field. sometimes falling apart helps us start again. fresh. with even greater possibilities of deeper, more truthful and meaningful ties.

when one reality dies, a new one begins. the cycle of birth and death.

i got this quote from a friend, " the power of truth and living honestly is liberating" - clay aiken

found this inspiring TED talk, for me at least, the evolution of a personal journey in art and in life.

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  1. Super post, Alison...I saw it yesterday but had to leave it until after I came home from Hospice training.

    It sounds like a breakthrough for you...those quite often come in the wee hours of the morning! I hear acceptance all over your post. I loved the presentation on TED!

    "trying to hold things together with super glue of untruth, denial and avoidance will not work anymore" very true this is!


Thank you for your comment.