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Thursday, 8 April 2010

energy at work

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i hadn't been very productive in the jewelry making scene. partly because i am still getting wash up by waves and waves of energy that renders me completely blank. i am still getting aches and pain, ringing in the ears, weird dreams (that run in loops like a broken record!!), feeling lost in time and kind of like out of body experiences to name a few of the strange occurrences. and the all familiar up and down energy and fatigue is still very much present.

i knew the energy that is coming is gonna be different but gosh to feel it running through me and having to experience the whole thing completely blew me out of my mind, yes, literally! short term memory, empty head, my vocab is getting so mixed up, sometimes i can't even pronounce words without a making a blunder! pttphh!

now don't get me wrong i am not complaining, when you come to this stage, it's beyond complaining. you are just right in the moment experiencing all the amazing stuff that is unfolding.

we are re-wiring, re-aligning and re-balancing, whatever the word. laying and restoring our foundation, many will go through experiences that will need them to re-assess and shift their perception on things, old ways of doing and thinking will fall away, more rapidly now.

and that leads me back to my jewelry making work. i will have to re-assess again if i want to pursue this work. these ups and downs may have contributed to my lackluster of doing beading. whatever it is, i am trusting that all is going well, no matter how daunting it may seem.

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