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Saturday, 3 April 2010

hello april & random act of funness

learning to be brave, i did an act of funness... leaving a book for strangers as a gift. i did a clearing and had some books to give away. picked one and on with my mission.

the book. ya... ok, i was a shy person (still am).

the note in the book, a little explanation.

the location, the baker, subang parade. love this place by the way.

for you... stranger, whoever you are :)

i told the staff of my intention, so they'll keep an eye, and not keep the book thinking someone will come collect it later. hehe! that was fun. i have also been leaving little notes (first photo above) everywhere. maybe people will pick them up and need just the right message for the day.


  1. That was a cute act! I hope the next owner will really appreciate your sweetness..

  2. Hey! Awesome sweet idea! Would you have a chance of knowing who took the book? Like what was the persons expression or reaction? So fun! Maybe I'll pick on and do this sometime. :D

  3. that is a fantastic idea...i was trying to figure out how to leave my note..perfect carla-via MB


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