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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

information, inspiration

back alley, somewhere in kuala lumpur, canon 350d

i've been on clearing mode again. and this time including my time on social media network. a break for now. too much "noise" and information. eckhart tolle said something like, the more you receive information, the more you "become" = in formation. the more you become, the heavier and denser it is. life gets denser. that was an aha! for me. instead of feeding ourselves with more information, the more we let go, the lighter life is, inspirations flows. you can even feel the sound (vibration/energy) of these words... "information" feels kind of heavy, "inspiration" feels light and ease and divine.

so, to be inspiration/inspired, we let go of ego ect, then the flow of inspiration grows, within us, not from outside of us. i don't think it enters us, i feel it grows from within, like a light shining, light up. it is what our true nature is, our authenticness.

anyways, while i'm still on cleaning mode, more photos from our (gene & i) photowalk in kuala lumpur city last year.


  1. this is such a priceless info to share. thanks, alison.

  2. Agree with Zanas. Happy clearing :) Yay, more pictures to come! A picture paints a thousand words!


  3. zanas: you're welcome zanas :)

    kylie: i found old photos, i really need to clear my photo folders, and delete those unwanted ones, clearing my photo albums is in the list :)

    yes, feel free to add words to pictures, everyone sees things differently.

  4. I love photos of doorways, open or closed, it doesn't matter. Great inspiration in this post, Alison...and have a happy time clearing!


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