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Thursday, 8 April 2010

love thursday

sabah, december 2009, canon 350d

i have questions to you readers out there.
do you find my posting of energy stuff a bit woo woo? are you putt off by my writing these stuff? does it by any chance make some sense at all? i know i am not alone on this journey of transition and transformation. at times i try to refrain myself from writing these stuff, but don't know why it keeps flowing and i hit the publish button again and again. :P anyways, it's my blog i can post anything i want right? hehe!

5 things i am loving these days
1. yellow flowers first thing i open my front door
2. my cat hogging the bed at night, stretching herself far and wide as the weather is hot right now (i find it cute though it does interrupt my sleep sometimes)
3. mondo beyondo class
4. movie nights with little sis
5. quiet time

happy love thursday!


  1. Do not refrain! Write from the heart and your tribe will follow!

  2. I am okay with it though I don't fully understand any of it. It's like you're reading about other people's life in other part of the can only imagine but do not know how it really feels. Just write from your heart..after all you don't blog for commercial reason right, so don't worry. (Hey I'm in KL for meeting but won't be able to see you..maybe next time!)

  3. hi alison! i'm catching up on blogs. i've been so busy the last week. but still trying to "be" in mondo beyondo. and i think i totally get your energy thing and i think even if i didn't "get it" you should write what ever your heart desires. you deserve to do that!
    i've been feeling weird, energetically, since mondo beyondo. i am going through waves of having really good, creative, free energy. and then facing my "real" life (work, teaching, etc), i get super lethargic, apathetic. i think it's about creating space for the "new" energy to come--the new things that my new way of thinking is bringing. and letting go of the old.
    maybe i don't make any sense?!
    anyway, i love reading your blog and i think you should continue to trust whatever comes bubbling out of you!

  4. Keep writing whatever your heart tells you to write, Alison...I totally understand, and it is great to read about someone else going through this transition.

    I like your 5 things, especially the yellow flowers upon opening your door...we received snow again last night. It'll be awhile before those yellow flowers bloom here!

  5. laura: yes. i think so too. thank you for reminding me.

    hliza: err... actually, it's not really other parts of the world or people, it is the whole world and even earth herself. and contrary, i feel instead of imagine, hehe! thanks for your support non the less, you're a good friend as always! kl for a meeting? sure, we'll catch up whenever you're free.

    amy: it make sense to me totally! and thanks for your kind words. it means so much to me.

    marion: oh, marion, you don't count! haha! i know we are much more similar in this journey in many ways.

  6. Great Love Thursday photo.

    Write what you want, I think. :) I feel as if I should understand the energy stuff, given that I am going to be a reiki person, but alas, it is mostly Greek to me. :) I've read similar accounts on other blogs so I sort of get it, but not in a "hey - that is familiar" sort of way.


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