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Tuesday, 13 April 2010


jaya one, petaling jaya, canon 350d

manglish (malaysian english or mangled english), wow! i just discovered it's explanation is in wikipedia. quite detailed too with examples, i laugh out loud reading! yes... our manglish is so funny can die wan!


  1. I tried to leave a comment in Manglish, but my tries left me howling with laughter! Don't think you would have understood me lah! Is that right? heehee

    I'd never heard of manglish before, thanks for posting about it!

  2. Ah thank you for making me laugh so much! Great to meet you via MB!

  3. There is a blogger called Manglish too :o)

    He is at

    At first I thought you were talking about him.

  4. oohhhhh hahahahah....paiseh at 1st i tried to write in manglish wan then i found out ektuali i want to be a writer leh so i think no manglish writer can get his or her book published bo bian have to try writing better english now sorry to disappoint u har.....anyway love your blog, especially your photos

  5. Wahahaha...Tank q,tank q, Alison, very good ler this one! I laugh until cannot stop lor. I got to speak Manglish to Malaysian, British Eng to the Brits; American Eng to the American & now I speak Denglish to the Deutche in Germany pulak. What to do, if not they cannot understand me one!


  6. marion: that's perfect!! LOL!!!

    beth: great to meet you too dreamer!

    ai shiang: i'm hit by manglish virus!

    manglish: eh, how you know ar? if you write, i buy your manglish book lah! can ah? anyway, good luck ya!

    kylie: manglish so easy to learn wat... can have tag line like air asia hor? "now everyone can speak manglish!" LOL!!


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