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Tuesday, 11 May 2010

rock climbing

zai @ camp 5, 1 utama

yes, i have been having a good time, living a wonderful colourful world off the internet for a while, well at least much of my time was, it was a good media diet.

one of the things i did was rock climbing. zai invited me to camp 5, 1 utama and i immediately said yes. rock climbing was once on my wish list and i kind of forgot about it until now. yay! another wish fulfilled, all thanks to zai!

it took me completely into the present moment, stepping, reaching for the next hold (the colourful blobs), pushing my weight up, breathing, looking for the next hold for a grip/step, falling, yes, falling! breathing and so it goes each and every step all the way to the top.

it requires stamina, body co-ordination and mental strength. oh, and trust, because when you fall, you gotta trust that your belay partner will hold the rope so you won't come crashing down when losing a grip. (love the hanging in mid air part! hee!)

much like life, we need mindfulness in all that we do, and when we fall, which we will, we have to trust that the invisible hand (universe, god, spirit, whatever your word) will catch us, keep us safe so that we may keep going, keep on going until the end.


  1. Go Zai!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P

    Classic pix, Ali. :D

    I love the alien head in between in her legs. LOL

  2. I've always wanted to try rock climbing, looks like it would be such a great time! So happy you went for it and enjoyed it :)))

  3. jemima: hehe... ya, go zai!!!!

    bekkah: oh yes, it was great and i enjoyed it very much!

  4. This looks like great fun, Alison. Graham was a mountain and rock climber in his becomes at one with the mountain, I gather.

    Sounds fun and exciting!

  5. I so wanted to try that too.(but maybe I have to be a little bit lighter than now before doing it!) gals had fun it seems!


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