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Wednesday, 19 May 2010


butterfly by the waterfall, sugai perdek, canon 350d

my goodness, what a great big energy shift we are having, pass few days have been really intense. i wanted to write yesterday but just couldn't get myself centered. tiredness, brain fog, emotionally unpleasant, the shoulder and neck ache was present as well, feeling tense and uptight, and just plain ughh!

the energy is flying all over and just wouldn't settle.

what i am getting is that certain areas are getting more attention right now, especially on the communication front. it's going through some rough times, unable to clearly express self because even the "self" is somewhat in an indecision state. big decisions are stalled and being reviewed. testing our patients. the clock is ticking and we can't do much but wait. frustration arises.

now is best time to practice the shift of perspective, looking at things in a different way, shift our consciousness up another level, that's the only way. letting go old ways that no longer working for us. in this new energy, things are working very differently now, that's the new way in the new world, the new energy is heart energy, love and compassion. before making any decisions, go back to your heart, feel your way. does it make you happy, peaceful and fulfilled? let go of anger, guilt and frustration. new ways are coming, it's easier if we let out heart open, fill it with love and kindness, to ourselves and those around us.

if we don't let go of the old ways, it's going to be a rough ride in coming times.

raising our consciousness is the only way because the earth is raising her energy, we have to adjust in order to match hers. what a wonderful ride this is.


  1. It is indeed a wonderful ride, Alison. I'm especially mindful these days of "letting go old ways that no longer working for us." They are coming to the forefront very quickly...some are sad, some frustrating, and some plain full of anger...but all the old "stuff" is making an appearance. I'm doing my absolute best in letting it all go.

    good post, Alison, Thank you!

  2. Great post Alison! You are so right about letting go of old ways. I loved this part: "before making any decisions, go back to your heart, feel your way" - I needed to be reminded of that today. Thank you!!

  3. Lovely post and a wonderful photo! Flighty xx

  4. marion: yes indeed. i am doing my best on being mindful too :)

    shannon: hi! thanks for stopping by and leave kind words. we are all in this together, yay! heart and love is present always :)

    flighty: ohh... i absolutely love the butterfly, glad you like it too :)

  5. Hello Alison,
    What a pretty butterfly! I love the video. I don't think we have this particular kind of butterfly in my area(the one in the video)
    Wishing you a wonderful day!!!!!!

  6. thanks for this, alison. i needed to hear that reminder. your spirit speaks with such clarity. today i'm going to meditate on these words, or at least try to live them...."let go of old ways." sometimes i resist so much, yet feel liberated when i finally do something different!
    love the butterfly picture ,too, and the recent butterfly video :)

  7. lydia: i do not know their names, i just love to see them flying and dancing freely :)

    amy: hi amy, happy that you dropped by, my prayers that we will all be alright :D

  8. Indeed, shifting of energy, perpsective and conciousness...I am trying hard. Thanks for everything! Love this butterfly pic too!



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