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Saturday, 5 June 2010

bloody brilliant

harry potter series, canon 40d

i've been hiding, buried under pages of harry potter. i must confess i finally got a favorite book(s). finished reading the last book on thursday. yes, it was bloody brilliant!

anna started telling me how she loved it years back but somehow it didn't quite register in me, then gene started reading the e-book early this year and somehow got swallowed by it's magical spells, i hardly saw his nose up, he was reading the book every free moments, even while i drive, he'll be sitting beside me reading away. after he'd finished, he watched the movies, played the soundtrack, mad i tell you, mad!! hahaha! then he bought the whole set and i started reading, aaaand i was a convert. hah!

it helps when i've already got the mental images of the characters by watching the movies, i get to imagine them quite vividly as i read, of harry, ron, hermione and others, and the british accent as they speak flows in my head too as i read. i love the characters, i love the magical creatures and even the tittles of their textbooks! phrases and words of exclamation: "merlin's beard!" 'barking mad!" "mental!" so funny, and all the emotional ride were just superb!

one of my favorite character is luna lovegood. she's just so cool! not to mentioned her first name is my middle name. oh, i think i love all the characters, of harry and his friends, and the evil ones, you could just feel their evilness running up your spine and get all angry! professor umbridge... grRrr!!! haha! the characters in the movies played them so well. all of them. but of course the books have more scenes and details than the movie.

now i'm all excited waiting for the last movies, apparently "deathly hallows" are to be made in 2 parts, first part releasing in november 2010 and the second part in july 2011.

i'll be re-reading them again definitely!


  1. You're ahead of me...I think I've read the first two books and watched the first movie. I love the series; it's just that life got in the way.

    thanks, Alison, it sounds like the rest of the books may make good summer reading!

  2. Luna is my favorite character too! I'm just starting the last book - can't wait for the last 2 movies!!

  3. marion: you'll enjoy the rest, happy reading!

    shannon: yay! luna is so dreamy and cool in a weird way :) ya... can't wait for the movies.


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