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Friday, 11 June 2010

little rock friends

my little rock friends, canon 40d

back in early 2000, i did rock painting, loved it. here are some of my favorites. some sit on my book shelves, while others like mama rabbit and little rabbit, mr. purple bug and mrs. bumble bee like to hang around in the garden.

the blue one on the left is a mandala rock. i made some with symbols and flowers that i gave away to friends, they work great as paperweight on work desk. but i just like them because they are nice.

i'm still waiting for the right moment to start on the canvas.


  1. I really admire your creativity + patience. :)

  2. I like those, especially the foxes! Flighty xx

  3. Ali....
    i see the bee....the bee...!!!
    can i buy that????? :)

  4. jemima: art has help me in going back to the center of my being.

    flighty: i copied that from the magazine BBC wildlife, it was an advertisement for a video collection of "living britain" :D xx

    bee: LOL! sorry, unfortunately that is not for sale. i'll see if i can make you one, gotta find that bee shape pebble.

  5. Wow! I never knew you did rock paintings! They are so beautiful :)


  6. alison! i love them! i love the expressive eyes on all those critters. and i LOVE the idea of painting on rocks. i can see how they become almost like little rock "friends." really, these are so filled with life. so intricate--the animals are both wild and gentle. so happy that you are creating!

  7. ny: long ago before i started blogging. thank you.

    amy: thanks amy, yes, they are my "friends". i am happy i am creating! :)

  8. your rock paintings are wonderful--love the ideas :)

  9. carla: hello carla! thanks for your kind words :) it really makes my day today :)


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