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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

brave cat

brave cat.

i found alisa burke's blog just recently and totally love love love her art work! i'm thinking of taking her on-line class. take a look at the video below, an art piece collaborated with her engineer husband, who is also a super talented artist. they painted a surf board together! how cool is that! and it's so so beautiful!

Andy & Alisa Collaboration from Alisa Burke on Vimeo.

ok, so my cat and a surf board? nothing to compare there! i'm not even one percent of her creativity. but oh watching her paint and her art is just so inspiring.

somehow i feel that i've come full circle, in finding art, to paint. i love art as a child, colouring books, felt pens and crayons. and now i am back getting my hands covered in paint. feels so good.

and painting is one of my mondo beyondo! i am living a mondo beyondo dream! whoopie!

i am also doing a secret project, a fun little project with little sis. shh... i'll tell when it comes together, but right now wish me luck! *deep breath*

i need to be brave like brave cat. *smile*


  1. Bravo! I love to see what wonderful things you can produce..

  2. Not for the cat only, we should be brave and smile also :D

  3. Did I ever tell you? I love your paintings! :D

  4. hliza: thank you, i'm looking forward to what i can create too! :)

    janet: yes, agree. thank you for your kind and sweet words, it makes my day :)


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