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Friday, 9 July 2010


i'm here - habit flickr pool.
for the whole month of july i am posting a photo a day and 3o words that capture a single moment from the day, or the essence of the entire day. there're so many wonderful photos, if one is lucky, one's photo will be featured in habit blog. i am loving it, it's like a photo journal. here are my contributions in flickr so far. 2 july was the photo of kiki sleeping. i'll start with 3 july.

habit, 3 july: saturday brunch at new appolos, curry won ton noodle (taken with camera phone)

habit, 4 july: "it was suffering, during the japanese occupation, we had only tapioca to eat, morning and night, every day."

habit, 5 july: i don't even know what i am angry about...

habit, 6 july: we love her so much, her fierce joy and loyalty, and her klutziness.

habit: 7 july: excited to be visiting art shop to get some supplies soon.

habit, 8 july: she brought gifts from abroad, we had dinner with long chats and the evening stood still.
by far, 4 july has most views and comments! i am so happy. appachi (grandmother) is loved! let me just add that appachi went on saying that she'd created so many recipes with tapioca! she's amazing and it made me realized that during times of adversity, creativity soared too, if one chooses to tap into it. how inspiring.

come join the fun. visit habit blog and habit flickr pool.


  1. I love all these but I agree with the crowd, apachi's the best! There's never short of things for us to learn from the older generations. And thanks to highlight this group and blog. I've joined too!

  2. Hi Alison, it's great to have found another Malaysian who blogs about artsy n soulful things, I came across your blog while commenting in Soraya's, we took Kelly Rae Robert's e-course that finished just recently.

    I'll be visiting more of your blog to be inspired! =)

  3. Dear Alison-thank you so much for reading (and leaving a comment on ) my blog. I really love these pics. They capture so much especially with your captions underneath. Yes, my fave is appachi too and I especially love how you pointed out that during adversity, we can use the opportunity to be creative! I will be visiting here often. Soraya

  4. hliza: see you in flickr!

    eva: happy you dropped by, another full circle to find another new friend from the same land :)

    soraya: thanks for popping and leaving kind words, makes my day :) and i am looking forward to our shared creative path :)

  5. You're amazing. These are so creative, but the photo of your grandmother is just beautiful!

    I'd love to read her stories!


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