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Friday, 2 July 2010

kitty nap

kiki, canon 40d

kitty nap is so important, deliciously important.


  1. That's why we humans often catnap as well! Flighty xx

  2. You have a cat? I love cats.

    Cats are one of the sleepiest animals. That's why they nap all the time. Just like kaola. They sleep almost 16 hours a day.

  3. This photo really shows how absolutely delicious those kitty naps are. I so miss having a cat!

  4. flighty: hehe! yes we do :) xx

    ai shiang: yes, kiki the cat, you love cats too? 16 hours!!! wow! imagine they if they have 9 lives!! 16 x 9 lives... that's a lot of nap time! :D

    marion: yes, i so wish i can sleep as deliciously as cats. :)


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