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Saturday, 10 July 2010

love is the qualifier

jen lemen shares her amazing journey of photography and how it changed her and the people around her. this video is up at she posts.

"love is the qualifier"


  1. Wow...this brought tears to my eyes this very early morning! I haven't even had a full cup of coffee yet!

    I shall take Jenn's message to heart. I know she's right, and from now on, my photos will be taken with the love I feel. Thank you, Alison, for posting was something I needed to hear!

  2. Thanks for sharing this Ali. And you know what? You are already shooting with love. It's all written in your shots. Thank you for showing us.

  3. marion: i am glad you liked it.

    ming: helo kawan. really ka? kam sia kam sia. looking forward to our next photowalk! :)


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