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Monday, 26 July 2010


went to a product launch last friday - shisha with every flavored smoke. i was there to meet a friend and take photos, couldn't pass a chance to take photos. i learned a thing or two about shisha.

the "machine"

pick your flavor, you can mix them too if you like, those are molasses.

light the coals, placed them on top of the shisha...

smoke and blow out through your nose (optional)


  1. dear Allison: Thank you so much for looking at my (new) website! This is such a dream come true for me!
    You know what, they use these hookas in India too! They put all sorts of things in them I think! Also,thanks for leaving a comment on my blog-I'm glad you did!

  2. thanks for being there babe!
    hope you werent too high from the smoke and smell :)

    p/s: tea soon?

  3. Colourful and vibrant! But I won't dare to try the sniff I guess..

  4. hello Alison,
    How interesting!
    I love the pics too!! I've never heard of this type of smoking.
    have a great evening!

  5. Hi Alison,

    Thank you for your lovely comment on my painting, it matters alot to me! I've tried shisha once or twice before bcos I was always a curious girl!

    I was trying to look for your email (but couldn't find it)as I wish to invite you to the first anniversary of a new-age centre (I thought you might be interested because you're very very intuitive and you talk about universal energy)where I'll exhibit my artworks.

    I'd really love to meet you in person too!

    Do check the website and scroll down until you see the event and its details!The centre is in Kota Damansara and the event is on 7th august.let me know if you'd liek to come!=)

    Have a great day!

  6. You have such a gorgeous space here and your photos are lovely! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!

  7. soraya: the shishas/hookas facinates me. i like the colorful designs.

    bee: i was a bit woozy after that :) but it was an interesting. i learned something new.

    hliza: it was colorful! :)

    lydia: it was interesting indeed and now i know a little more about shisha/hooka.

    eva: would love to meet you in person too! and see your art exhibition, that's wonderful! congratulations! not familiar with kota damansara though. hope to connect through emails and chat more.

    jacqueline: hello, thanks for stopping by. you have a wonderful days too :)


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