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Sunday, 18 July 2010

this week's habit

a week (or so) posts of habit flickr. where we left off...

habit, 9 july: almost forgot to post habit today.

habit, 10 july: suddenly he craved for pastries, so we had them for lunch.

habit, 11 july: i heart them.

habit, 12 july: this takes me to present moment., and i know i am good.

habit, 13 july 2010: i just hope i can keep up with the new habit.

habit, 14 july: there was a carnival, and then we have fish.

habit, 15 july: as they say, the truth will set you free. indeed.

habit, 16 july: what if... what if... that's today's train of thoughts, and i keep reminding myself to be gentle with me

habit, 17 july: i asked universe to show me the way to unconditional love. later i painted with my fingers.


  1. All of these are fantastic. I really love the lock, and your hearts. Well done, Alison!

  2. marion: thanks marion. your kind words always warms my heart.

    hliza: yes, love is everywhere :)


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