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Monday, 12 July 2010

weekend's over

the apartment restaurant, the curve, damansara. canon 350d

the only game that i stayed up to watch with gene, i fell asleep, and missed the only goal.

when i climbed on to my heavenly bed at almost 5:00am, the thought sneaked in "why did i watch anyway? the bed is so much better. really. so.much.better. than football.


  1. I watched just 4 last minutes of the final match and the only final World Cup goal was struck! He he the Mister woke up for 2 hours and no is not my thing too..but I told him they waited for me to wake up!

  2. Hello Alison, I totally agree with you! I hope you had a nice weekend!

  3. I'm just dropping by to say that I love the photos - I could learn from your composition and how you use color.

    Came across this blog randomly - great work!

  4. u slept??? tsk tsk

    thank god u didnt sleep during our date at the apartment :)

  5. hliza: lucky you, got up at the right time! :)

    lydia: you do? ya, i confess; i love my sleep more than football.

    joshua: hello there, welcome. glad you like what you see. i'm still learning. yes, i am in flickr, they're mostly the same photos in this blog.

    bee: ya, i slept and not ashame of it! :D should have known to trust paul the octopus?


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