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Sunday, 29 August 2010


we went to banting today.
this is mathew, he is 4 years old. quite the chatter box, and loves his picture taken.

this is shawn, the quiet one, take picture? not so much.

until i said: "come on shawn, make a funny face."

them boys...

ok, just one more of mathew. sweet.


  1. These pictures are adorable.
    Thank you for visiting me and for your kind comment.

  2. Kids always have their way in front of cameras right? I love these expressions on the boys' faces..cheeky.

  3. Superb photography,Alison...I think I want a camera like yours! Your eye would be good, as well...

  4. lisa: thanks for your kind words too.

    hliza: as they say, boys will be boys. yes, matt is so sweet.

    marion: i am learning to take portrait shots. kids are best to shoot for me to begin with. i tend to be shy shooting adults. :)


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