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Wednesday, 11 August 2010


i am taking a break, a break from the august break too :)
need to focus on some work that i am doing.
and i miss my mummy, so i am going home, back to melaka for a couple of days, yay!
be kind, stay safe and have good days ahead!


  1. I've already stopped my habit posting; I find I'm out of time and creativity for it..dunno if I'm gonna do it again. Enjoy all the good time with your mum and good luck for the work!

  2. Daer Allison-I LOVE this pic! It has so much personality and tells us so much about you. I am glad that you are taking a break ....sometimes we just really need it. I hope you have a great visit with your mom:)

  3. Hello Alison,
    Enjoy your time off!!!!!
    wishing you a wonderful time with your mom!

  4. hliza: i had a great time.

    flighty: uh huh, it was great, especially mom's food.

    soraya: it was a good rest, away from internet even for a couple of days. now i am looking forward to more creative fun.

    lydia: i enjoyed my time with mom and dad. it was a good weekend getaway.

  5. Hi Allison.
    I Found you through August Break.

    I love this photo. I think its the fan I can't stop staring at. Gotta have it. :)

    Great photos.



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