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Monday, 16 August 2010

i'm back

some photos from home. it rained. mostly cloudy. i had a good time.


  1. dear Allison-I love your photos...they are so beautiful. I hope you had a great visit with your mom. Lots of love and getting spoiled:) I visited KL a long time ago. i was there for a week (on my way to India). I absolutely loved the people, the weather, the food...What I especially loved was the way in which all the communities got along so well. The Chinese, Indian and Malasian communities were very well integrated and respectful of each other. So glad you are back

  2. liza: thanks lisa

    soraya: ya, lots of love and getting spoiled! so true. my parents love to feed us with yummy food.
    how wonderful that you have visited malaysia, what great timing to remind me of our blessing, we're celebrating independence day end of the month, and yes, i am grateful that we get along well in this multiracial multicultural community. and oh... the food that we get with this crazy mix is just fantastic! :D


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