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Wednesday, 1 September 2010


it took me a long time to write this particular post. hoping that it will be up before the end of the day. after reading different views and perspectives on what merdeka (independence) means to each individual. i am still fumbling in what to say. i do not have many malaysian blog friends, but the ones that i follow have shared their take on merdeka here, here and here.


i pray for malaysia. i love this country, i do.
and i send love to all the leaders, the ruling government, the opposition, the mothers, the fathers, the children, the business people, the professionals, the gardeners, the cleaners, the people with different religion and faith, to all that do not have religion or faith, to the people that come here for work or leisure, to those who left to find better opportunities in different land, to those who grow food, and the ones who consume them. to those that have contribute to this country and now waiting their last breath, and to all the newborns that will carry on what is left behind. also to all animals and all the plants, the rivers and the sea that carry lives and sustain us.

to all living and non living beings that make malaysia as it is, i send my love.

it is a time of great change, i pray for malaysia. and i pray for the world.

happy independence day malaysia.


  1. Time flies, this is my 2nd year away from home. Despite all the political nonsense, I love this country and proud to be Malaysian :) ~ Kylie

  2. Well done on writing such a lovely heartfelt post! Flighty xx

  3. kylie: hehe! love this country and especially the food. i love the food!

    flghty: thank you :) and i really mean it too, i do hope things will get better for this country.

  4. There's many things I hate about Msia but there's many more I love about it..the best is becoz it's home! I share a lot of things that you feel Ali..let's hope better things will come.


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