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Monday, 30 August 2010

ramadhan bazaar... 1

we went to the ramadhan bazaar near our house. the traders were shouting to attract customers, they were really cheerful and friendly. smiles all around.

smoking satay stall!


little boy picking his drink.

happy trader, big pot of rendang. this dude thought i was on assignment :)


  1. I loved visiting this bazaar through your camera lens. I hope to one day visit this super foodie place!

  2. My hubby always can get away coz he really is on assignment..while I'm not too brave..

  3. I love Ramadhan bazaar! Thanks for the pics! ~ Kylie

  4. Awesome photos - we have these "night markets" here in Taiwan that are like night bazaars. I'd love to visit one of these though - the food looks great!


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