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Monday, 30 August 2010

ramadhan bazaar... 2

a few more photos from the bazaar, this stall is selling chicken rice.

dates with really cool names.

roti jala, serve with curry... yum!

another happy trader that called me over to take his photo :)

it was almost time to break fast, sun is going down. last round to get some goodies.

overall i think mpsj (majlis perbandaran subang jaya, our local council) has done a really good job in providing the traders a good place to sell, it's much cleaner, more room for customers to walk and shop, the uniform tents look good and traders seem happy.


  1. I think the council did well, too...the food looks amazing. I want to go there now! No waiting...

    I loved your photos, as ever, Alison, and the new one of you is perfectly beautiful!!!

  2. I wish I can take photos of Ramadan Bazaar too..but always my hands are full and I'm not that brave..sigh..

  3. marion: come now! :D and we'll bring you to all the great 'makan' place. that's how we say it "makan place" - eateries.

    hliza: wherever you are, it's always a good place to start :) i am still learning to be brave.


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