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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

saturday night fever

headless self portrait, ss15, subang jaya

i am recovering from a fever, it came crashing in on me saturday evening, it happen so fast, first the sore throat, the rising temperature, the body ache, the head ache and the hot/cold feverishness. sunday was spent sleeping in whole day with gallons and gallons of water (and countless visits to the loo). i feel much better now. being me, i do not like to take medicine, i let my body heal itself as it does naturally. of course with some help - water and rest.

when i was 9 or 10, i had this very high fever for days, i think it was pretty bad because the headmaster and some teachers came to our house to visit me, in my room!! eeek! how embarrassing! but i was too weak and glad i didn't have to talk (or was i pretending?). it was also my first time meeting a medicine woman/shaman/healer. she was small built, hunched, hair white tied in a bun, wrinkled and tanned. i cannot remember her face now but i sensed kindness, calmness and stillness in her presence. she held out this big mug of tender coconut water in front of me and chanted some arabic words (quran verses perhaps?) and blew her breath into the mug and over my face,, she had the most stinking breath ever!!! (sorry, no offence nek, was innocent :P). i finished in one go of the blessed coconut water and was healed quickly thereafter. i don't know which did the trick, the blessed coconut water or the fact that her breath jolted me off my senses! haha!

i had my mug of coconut water this time too (without any bad breath encounter). coconut water helps reduce temperature and rehydrate the body, among many other benefits. but of course i am not against modern medicine. if any illness symptoms persist, a visit to the health care partitioner is always good.


  1. so glad you're feeling better, take care :)

  2. Dear allison-I hope you are feeling much better now:) It is terrible to feel sick and then we realize how much we generally take our good haelth for granted. I, too, believe in natural cures first and I LOVE coconut water-it is the BEST! So healing and soothing. I think it's wonderful and fantastic that you even have access to a medicine woman/man...over here it is difficult to find one (an authentic one anyway)..but I so believe in the old ways. THank you so much for your Simple Lists...I love all the things you listed esp the resting, bare feet in grass and cocnut water!! Good luck with getting better...if you feel nauseated, ginger works like a charm. Just put a little bit of raw ginger in a small ammount of boiling water (a quarter cup) and make it like a tea. It will settle your stomach in about 20 mins! xxx

  3. Hugs Alison,

    So sorry to hear about your falling sick, but glad you're recovering using the most natural way-water and rest. I'm not a medicine person too, I always believe my body can heal itself, albeit taking more time.

    The shaman story got me smiling!Sending you lots of healthy vibes to get you alive and kicking again!


  4. So sorry to hear you've been sick and hopefully you are feeling better now.
    I never knew that about coconut milk!!
    Love you headless self-portrait!!!

  5. I'm sorry to read that you've not been feeling well and hope that you're better now! xx

  6. thanks all, i feel so much better now with all your well wishes.

    lisa: it is young coconut water, not coconut milk. :)


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