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Saturday, 11 September 2010

mettaville in one legend

it has been a really crazy week, i'm now taking some time off to rest and re-charge. here's an update on mettaville's corner in one legend. lai yen has separated the items in different corners, this is the necklaces corner. love that they're next to the beautiful fairy!

the little angel charms are hung on a stand. bookmarks were not displayed though, guess she has some other plans for those. anyhow, it's really nice to see them finally out there and waiting for that special someone to pick them up and enjoy the abundance and joy that the items carry.

i also had a girls fun day out. my friend sandy and i had a date to meet up for an online chat with our dear friend anna who is living in toronto, canada. we haven't talk to each other in person for a long time. never mind the 12 hours time difference, we had a great time! makes me wonder why i've never thought of this sooner. i am so looking forward for our next chat date.


  1. I love the way the necklaces are display next to that gorgeous fairy. :) Very pretty! I hope you get some relaxing time off this long weekend. Love to you!

  2. Dear Alison-I hope you had some rest this wekend...sometimes we just need to shut off the computer and recharge! Love your necklaces and am so happy for you:) It is so rewarding to see your work out in public! I did not know that you had an Etsy store...thinking about opening it back up? I am so new to still trying to naviagte my way around there!

  3. jacqueline: thanks, i had a good weekend. hope you have a wonderful week ahead.

    soraya: thanks. i had the same experience of trying to figure out lots of stuff in etsy too when i first opened. not sure yet about re-opening the shop, i'll wait a while and see how things go :)

  4. Alison! How great about your necklaces!!!! SO COOL! And I love the packaging. What a great thing to be selling in stores! NEAT.

    How have you been? It seems like you've been really well :)


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